Hardwood or Engineered Wood Flooring

It is so true that Natural Wood floors are timeless.  Making a house a home is easy with the warm look and feel of Natural Wood Floors!  And the variety is endless! 

A home owner can choose from Sand and Finish, Prefinished Hard Wood and Engineered Wood.  With Sand and Finish you can pick the type of wood, grade (select, rustic or builder), width, natural finish or spice it up with a wood stain. The installer installs a unfinished floor, sands it smooth and stains it to a color that goes with your home, or maybe a natural look is what you want. 

Prefinished Hard Wood already has the stain and or finish, so installation is quick.  Engineered Wood is a great choice for Utah, because with Utah's hot and cold, wet and dry climate, with Engineered Wood there is less gaping, separating and surface checking.