Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Yay!  We have made it through another year!  I hope this year has been to good to you. : )  Life gets so busy and sometimes we don’t take the time to enjoy the little things along with the big.  I especially love this time of year, because we spend time with loved ones, enjoy great food (yum!) and snuggling by and nice warm fire.    I’m looking forward to 2018 and I hope you are too.




New Floors for Fall

Fall is a time for hot cocoa, doughnuts, and a warm cuddly blanket!  Oh don’t forget a good book!   So while you are sitting by the fire, you should be looking at new floor coverings instead of the out dated worn flooring you have.   Warm wood floors are great for family rooms where you have a lot of traffic.  Putting a fluffy rug in front of the sofa is a great idea also.   New carpet can give a room a face lift and brighten up what you already have.  Winter is coming so if your house is like mine your back or front entry gets a lot of traffic, so think about putting a hard surface there.  Its easier to clean and will last longer.  Spruce up the Master bedroom with carpet.  You deserve it!  And don’t get me started on stairs!  Ugh, stairs are so hard to keep looking good, and vacuuming my stairs is my least favorite thing,  so put a low pile on your stairs.  It won’t matt or crush as bad.   With the holidays coming and family over, new floors is what you need!